• The programmes are independent and non-partisan;
• The programmes are mutually educational and informative;
• The participants2 undertake to honour the time commitment required by the study programme;
• The programmes ensure that participants will not promote partisan views while on attachments3;
• The programmes ensure that enterprises4 undertake not to use their relationship for lobbying5;
• The programmes ensure that enterprises undertake to be as open and frank as possible;
• While participants undertake to keep in confidence information of a sensitive nature6;
• It is the responsibility of each organisation7 to monitor its programmes and develop their quality;
• The participants must receive no fee or be liable for any expenses related to the programmes8.


. All the activities organised by BEC are based on the EPDI Code of Principles, which is recognised by the EU and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly as the benchmark in facilitating and guaranteeing a constructive dialogue and a transparent and non-corrupt relationship between MPs and their stakeholders.

2. Participants include: MPs, senior officials of the Parliament of Georgia, Government officials, businesses and other relevant stakeholders.

3. The Code of Principles also applies to all BEC activities and not only to company attachments.

. Enterprises include: members of BEC member associations and other participants representing a business sector.

. Conducting non-partisan analysis and research and disseminating the results to the decision makers and general public as well as programmes designed to increase awareness, knowledge and information about the issue of concern without influencing actions is not regarded as lobbying. BEC does not represent or lobby on behalf of enterprises or sectors. BEC informs participating Parliamentarians about the national economy through the programmes, based on the practitioner to practitioner approach. The scope of this clause lies within the activities organised by BEC and does not in any way restrict the participating associations to engage in lobbying activities beyond the BEC programmes.

6. This clause applies only to programmes that are confidential in nature; the following statement is then added: “The participants undertake to keep in confidence any information of a commercially sensitive nature that s/he learns during the programme, recognising that the programme is designed to encourage frank and open discussion and information”.

7. It refers to all EPDI national mechanisms in all member states, including the mechanism established in the Parliament of Georgia.

. The programmes are based on a sharing of experience to mutual benefit. Participants are contributing their time and expertise so no parliamentary or business participant is paid a fee for their contribution. Programme expenses are covered from BEC budget, which is financed by donor grants and well-regulated membership fees.

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