Enterprise and Parliamentary Dialogue International (EPDI) is an independent, not-for-profit body which does not seek to impose Westminster-style democracy, but to facilitate country-specific solutions without favour to special interests. EPDI exists to establish a transparent bridge of understanding between parliamentarians and enterprise. All our activities stem from two core aims:

Strengthening democracy - Parliamentary decisions benefit from an understanding of how they affect the nation’s business and industry, and therefore its wealth and employment;
Strengthening national economies - The business sector – from micro-businesses to inward investors and multi-nationals – profits from understanding the regulatory and legislative environment in which it operates.

The Dialogue International team has a track record in establishing nationally owned centres for dialogue. These become a forum where legislators and business people can find fast and effective solutions, and have proved particularly useful in the transition to more democratic government. EPDI tried and tested methodology is backed by 30 years of international experience: beginning with the Westminster Parliament and FTSE-100 companies based in London through the Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT) and now translated into similar organizations in a total of 16 countries around the world.

Each national forum:
-    invites the participation of business practitioners willing to represent their sectors.
-    requires the support of leading legislators from all political factions.
-    offers a guarantee to both sides that the Dialogue Centre will serve the public interest and not vested interests.

What Dialogue Centres offer:
-    A process by which all reach a common understanding on issues and consequences.
-    A Dialogue Centre strengthens (and does not pre-empt) the parliamentary process.
-    A Centre facilitates debate and conclusions about legislation, ensuring that regulation is in the service of the national economy, rather than specific  interest groups.
-    A mechanism to de-personalize sensitive issues, enabling fact-based decision-making.
-    A visible commitment to transparency and good governance, offering reassurance to the public, inward investors and international bodies.
-    A contribution to the establishment of a transparently regulated market economy, to remove the possibility of corrupt practice on both sides.

The role of Dialogue International is to work with an in-country advisory board to design and launch a Dialogue Centre which is appropriate for the culture and circumstances; translate the methodology and expertise of 30 years of experience in 16 territories to establish a robust, independent forum, delivered by nationals; advise and assist the new Dialogue Centre to become self-sustaining; ensure that delivery, integrity and service continue to meet the standards of the international network.

For more information, please, visit the web-site www.enterpriseparliament.org


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