For Businesses

A. 1.    “Legislative monitor for businesses”
Information on economic and business related legislation including the latest draft laws and short overview of the forthcoming legislation, announcement of significant Parliamentary events, time-table of committee hearings; the digest will be sent electronically in English and Georgian every Wednesday morning during the period of Parliamentary sessions.

A. 2.    “Point of Entry”
BEC will act as a point of entry on business associations’ daily parliamentary enquires. BEC will provide members with information on timing and location of committee hearings, identification of MPs or committees responsible for a specific draft, rules and procedures of the Parliament, information about key persons and the mandate of various parliamentary structures; information about the status of the legislative initiative and the most up-to-date scanned versions of draft laws with supporting documentation.

B. 1.    Round Tables
At request of associations or MPs, BEC will arrange round-tables. The objective is to inform judgments of MPs on the forthcoming economic legislation or assess the quality of enforcement of existing laws; the service includes preparatory experts’ meeting on the level of association representatives and Parliamentary officials prior to the round-table, followed by production of a Standard Note (see below) describing the issue for Parliamentarians. BEC will assist the association in inviting the relevant group of MPs, experts and, if necessary, Government officials. In result of an ad-hoc round-table, MPs and the business association will receive a full account and outcomes of the meeting. BEC will ensure the press coverage of meeting outcomes, subject to request by the member association.

B. 2.    Use of meeting facilities
BEC will offers meeting facilities in the Parliamentary building for up to 40 persons, where member association can hold a meeting with the Members or Officials of the Parliament (subject to room availability). The venue can be used for hosting the networking events.

B. 3.    Foreign Investors Advisory Council
In average every quarter representatives of foreign business associations/chambers of commerce will be able to meet with the Members of Parliament in an open forum which aims at making legislation transparent and predictable for foreign investors as well as ensuring good understanding by legislators of the business realities, which foreign investors face in Georgia. The FIAC meetings address current problems and barriers to foreign investors. The participants will be able to discuss new legislative initiatives and assess implementation of current legislation. When necessary, representatives of the executive as well as economic experts will be invited.

B. 4.    Country Event in the Parliament
Every month BEC will host in the Parliament a presentation dedicated to a particular country’s businesses represented in Georgia. BEC will produce a Country Standard Note, a research paper for Parliamentarians describing the level of trade and investment a particular country has with Georgia; bring together MPs with an interest in the country and the management of the chamber as well as representative member companies; arrange a small exhibition of the projects implemented as well as products and services offered by these companies. The presentation will be a regular part of the FIAC meetings, which will be followed by a reception.

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