For Parliamentarians

A. 1.    Referencing Services for Parliamentarians
Referencing services for Members and Officials of the Parliament who wish to call for a meeting with certain businesses or obtain sector-specific information. BEC will maintain the data base of business associations and economic experts which will be drawn at request of Parliamentarians.

C. 1.      Research Services
“Standard Notes” intended for all Members and Officials of the Parliament with an impartial analysis of current economic policy issues. The Standard Notes, initiated by member association, will tie up with the round-tables and answer the common interest of MPs as well as increase the understanding of an issue by Parliamentarians. Business associations may contribute with content, but it is up to BEC to compile a final document which should meet criteria of quality and impartiality. Member associations will have an access to all Standard Notes produced by BEC as well as information resources, such as the data-base of experts and business associations.

C. 2.    Parliamentary Enquiries
BEC will provide answers on written and verbal enquiries by MPs concerning business and economic issues. These are confidential and tailored to specific needs of a Member; rules and procedures for the use of this service are defined in the Guidelines of the Business and Economic Centre. Some of the written answers can become Standard Notes after certain period of time and in case if they represent a common interest among parliamentarians and making the paper public will not make undue impact on the author of the question.

D. 2.    Company Attachments (learning through experience)
The attachments enable Members of the Parliament to learn about realities of business by actually visiting the companies and taking a closer look at aspects of operation, marketing, finance and strategy. Some attachments may involve visiting several companies with objective to get in-depth understanding of complexities underlying legislative decision being considered by the legislature.

D. 3.    Round Tables
At request of associations or MPs, BEC will arrange round-tables. The objective is to inform judgments of MPs on the forthcoming economic legislation or assess the quality of enforcement of existing laws; the service includes preparatory experts’ meeting on the level of association representatives and Parliamentary officials prior to the round-table, followed by production of a Standard Note (see below) describing the issue for Parliamentarians. BEC will assist the association in inviting the relevant group of MPs, experts and, if necessary, Government officials. In result of an ad-hoc round-table, MPs and the business association will receive a full account and outcomes of the meeting. BEC will ensure the press coverage of meeting outcomes, subject to request by the member association.

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