Research Methodology

BEC Research Papers are prepared by using the multi research methodologies, namely, historical, comparative, descriptive and evaluation research is conducted.

The historical research is used when it is important to establish facts and draw conclusions about past events. Comparative research is often used together with the historical research to compare different research issues. Comparative research is mostly helpful to conduct both at a macro and micro levels. 

In some cases, there is the need to use observations as a means of collecting data, to examine situations and special circumstances. In these situations descriptive research has the preference.

Evaluation research is the descriptive type of research designed to deal with the complex social issues. It is important to note, that vast majority of enquiries are done using one type of evaluation research methodology, called systems analysis. Systems analysis is the holistic type of research which reverses three stage order of thinking which is typical for enquiries (that is breaking the problem into researchable parts, then separately evaluating the parts and then aggregating the evaluations into an explanation of the whole).

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