About TCLG
Tax and customs legislative group acts as a free space for all issues, concerns and possible improvements in tax and customs legislation to be discussed in the way which does not compromise any of the participants: the Parliament, the Government and business stakeholders.

TCLG operates according to the defined agenda. BEC facilitates submission of issue-based reports, bringing in evidence from practitioners with first-hand experience of the issues being discussed. MPs and representatives of Government are able to discuss with business stakeholders problems related to tax and custom administration as well as possible policy solution.
Tax and Castum News
April 30, Business and Economic Centre hosted Tax and Customs Legislative Group next meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to inform the MPs on the set of vague clauses in the Tax Code of Georgia. Experts Emzar Jgerenaia and Kakha Kokhreidze made a presentation on these issues.
On December 2, Business and Economic centre hosted Tax and Customs legislative group (TCLG) meeting, which was supported by Canada Fund for Local Initiatives and BP Georgia.  MPs and parliamentary staff, experts and NGOs attended the meeting.