About the Project
Aim of the project
Facilitate the dialogue on the Tax and Customs legislation between the private sector and authorities with the purpose of improvement of legislative base through development of recommendations of public policy. The outcome is to improve tax and customs administration.

The activities of the group do not represent the formal stage of the legislative process, but they serve pre-legislation consulting between stakeholders through the efficient dialogue.

Expected outcomes:
•    To analyze the implementation of existing legislation;
•    To prepare the concrete  recommendations on the main issues on tax and customs  administration, which may impact on the amendments in legislation or cause non-legislative reforms (new approach, projects, initiatives and cooperation);
•    To participate business sector in working out country’s fiscal policy, which will cause the trust of entrepreneurs, strengthen tax culture and improve business climate.
•    Better informed  Parliament of Georgia on tax and customs administration;

Group Activity Mechanism
•    Members of Parliament define the aim and priorities and agenda of the meetings
•    The group chooses a chairman to led meetings
•    The group meets monthly or as required and discuss important economic issues and develop recommendations. The group does not represent an official body of the government and therefore is not authorized to pass a final decision
•    Business and Economic Center puts together Tax and Custom – based suggestions and conceptions-and gets the issues systemize
•    Search materials and reports related to the issues to be considered will be prepared for the MPs  
•    The group activities report will be publicly announced on a regular basis information on the aims, participants and activates of the group will be available at the Business and Economic Centre’s web-page

Project Donor:

Canada Fund for Local Initiatives
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